Sunday, 18 September 2016

Final Testing Nikon FE Digital

Test Results of CMOS Sensor Position in Nikon FE

The Sony sensor has been checked over and blueprinted to within 0.02 at all 4 corners. Undeveloped film is 0.13 thick so the tolerances are fairly tight. I see what Nikon mean when they say the Film Plane only has give or take 0.02mm max. These tiny differences make a big impact on lens focus. On the results I have it is looking pretty close. It is just difficult to get the micrometer into the rebate edge as the circuits are above it. Given the results today I wouldn't mind just taking another Bee's D off to see a slight improvement at F1.8. The other aperture settings look pretty good. But then I am no photographer so it will be interesting to see what you expert photographers think of the results. Feel free to criticise and cann them.

I have photographed some old cameras at distances of 600mm, 1500mm and 3500mm at various F stops. The speed was left up to the Nikon on Auto and ASA 200. The Sony Nex was set at ISO 200, 5 seconds time and default F1.0 with no lens. The Nikon split screen focus was on the middle of the self timer lever on the Leica. These photos are just to show that a sensor can be installed in a film SLR camera and get reasonable focus results. It won't compete with say a Canon 5D but there are some fun benefits to having the old SLR working again.

F1.8 1000th 600mm

F4  250th  600mm


F11  300th  1500mm

F8  400th infinity focus

F11  70th  infinity focus

That's all the blue printing of the sensor adjustment for now. I am pleased with the results and I hope you are too. Seeing as I have had success with fitting the sensor at the film plane position it is time to move on to fitting the remnants of the Sony to the Nikon back.

I have shelved the idea of keeping the Sony complete even though I spent a lot on the design of the extension cables. Instead I am going to fully dismantle it and see where on the Nikon back I can fit everything. Then design some sort of retro cover for it. This may have some benefits as I should be able to get the motherboard to see the circuit board (there are two little eyes that line up with the sensor that I figure make Live View work and the other may be it's auto focus). Live View might work when the Nikon is clicked at Bulb to open it's shutter so the Sony sensor can get a look at the view through the lens.

The main theme is to keep the Nikon as a film camera, so all that stuff in the Sony has to fit only on the film back so I can just swap it for a film back when required. I also want to use the digital back on my Nikon FE2.

Thanks for taking an interest. Feel free to comment below. I would appreciate your thoughts on the Focus. It still seems a little blurry in the distance at infinity so another tweak with the sandpaper might fix this.

YouTube video of this camera at

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